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Songs That Made Country Girls Famous


Chart Records LP 1022 | Released November 1969 | Peak Chart Position: 9
I Fall to Pieces
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It was only a matter of time before Lynn Anderson fans were treated to the album they’d been waiting years for; their favorite country singer singing their favorite country songs.


Under the production reigns of Slim Williamson’s son, Cliff, and powered once again by Lloyd Greene’s unmistakable pedal steel and Nashville’s A-Team players, this eleven-song set tells us unequivocally what we’ve known all along; that not only was Lynn Anderson was one of country music’s best singers, she was one of the genre’s most talented song stylists….not to mention one of its gutsiest. “Each of these songs were so closely associated with the original artist,” recalled Williamson, “…there was some concern that we might be taking too big a risk at the wrong time in Lynn’s career to do an entire album of covers that were still so popular.”


But the risk paid off. In spades.  Less than halfway through the session, everyone within earshot knew that they listening to a singer’s singer. Her effortless contralto weaving in and out of Hargus Robbins’ bass-line piano on the Bonnie Guitar hit, “Dark Moon” changes the entire texture of this classic romantic noir ballad. And Glenn Sutton’s monster hit on Tammy Wynette’s, “You’re Good Girl’s Gonna Go Bad” becomes an anthem for every woman who’s ever looked in the mirror and said, ‘No more Ms. Nice Guy’.


But it’s Lynn’s utterly captivating take on “I Fall To Pieces” that stands as this fifth LP’s high point; her voice perfectly capturing the strength and resignation of a heart broken beyond repair. In an album of eleven gems, it shines like a diamond…brilliant and depthless; Lynn’s vocal cutting through every word and verse to make it her own.


If you only add one Lynn Anderson LP to your collection today…’Songs That Made Country Girls Famous’ is destined to stand as one of the all-time best albums of this incredible artist’s career.

J Buck Ford


"Once A Day" / "You Ain't Woman Enough" / "It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels" / "Mama Spank" / "I Fall To Pieces" / "Dark Moon" / "Here Comes My Baby Back Again" / "If Silence Is Golden" / "Harper Valley PTA" / "Don't Touch Me" / "Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad" / "Ride, Ride, Ride"


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