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Dignity Memorial ~ Celebrating Each Life


Losing a loved one is one of the hardest things many of us will ever face. Dealing with death is difficult, and grief can sometimes be overwhelming. Each person grieves in his or her unique way, and determining the best way to show your support to someone who is grieving can be tough. In almost every case, that support can be something as simple and meaningful as a shoulder to lean on.

For more than a decade, Dignity Memorial has been a shoulder for the Anderson family. They needed that shoulder in 2007 when Lisa lost her father, Music Row giant Glenn Sutton, and in 2011, when Grandmother and songwriting legend Liz Anderson left quietly late in October. It was there again for Lisa, sister Melissa Hemphill and the family to lean on when they--and the world--lost Lynn in 2015. And just three short years later, that shoulder was there when Anderson family patriarch Casey Anderson saddled up and rode off for the last time in November of 2018.

Now under the leadership of director Jeff Duffer, Dignity has been that same shoulder for thousands of families for over half a century, providing support, guidance, compassion and closure with the love, care, and attention one might expect from a family member.


As the caretakers for The Lynn Anderson Memorial Rose Garden, Jeff and the Dignity team have taken that compassion and spirit and looked to the future; creating a breathtaking columbarium garden framed with 114 Lynn Anderson Roses; the largest collection in the world.


Designed by Lisa Sutton and Jeff Duffer, the Rose Garden is the unmistakable focal point of Woodlawn Funeral Home's manicured and peaceful 130 acres. Built into a low, grassy rise just below the park’s sprawling headquarters, Duffer’s design is a fluid blending of granite, marble, finished concrete and adobe, creating a simple and elegant raised pavilion overlooking the park’s gently rolling hills.

A peaceful, and serene resting place for families to gather in remembrance, and a lasting memorial to one of the world’s most beautiful roses, and one of its most legendary celebrities.

From our partners at Dignity Memorial.

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