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At Home With Lynn


Chart Records LP 1017 | Released July 1969 | Peak Chart Position: 19

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Games People Play
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Released just four months after ‘With Love From Lynn’, the cover art for this fifth album from Lynn’s Chart catalog tells as much of a story behind the release of the LP as do the twelve tracks on the vinyl. Regarded as perhaps her first ‘concept’ album, ‘At Home with Lynn’ sends a clear message at a time in our history when message songs were the clarion call of popular music.


It’s the summer of 1969, and America is in a state of cultural revolution.  Old roles, customs and politics are changing radically, led in large part by millions of women; women no longer content to be relegated to the professional, sexual and marital roles they’d occupied for decades; roles subservient in almost every way to men. ‘A woman’s place’ was no longer in the bedroom, but in the boardroom. Not just in the house, but in the senate, as well.


Released in July, on the heels of the biggest National Organization of Women protest since its inception, the album’s art and title seem to fly in the face of everything women are struggling to free themselves from in 1969; specifically the home, and the idea that women belonged there. Many saw this album as just one more big-haired country singer willing to perpetuate the image. But a closer look and listen shows us a different side to the story. This is one woman who might be ‘at home’, but she’s there because it’s her choice to be. And while the lion’s share of these twelve tracks underscore that fact, we’re reminded in almost every song that for this woman, her home is her place of strength and resolve, and woe to the man who tests either. “Full House”, written by husband Glenn Sutton, tells us the story of a poker player’s wife who knows she’s holding all the cards…at home. And “That’s A No No”, a classic Ben Peters song for all women who’ve come to realize that living with a man is like raising a child.


Strong songs from a strong woman…who’s doing just fine at home, thank you.

J Buck Ford


"Where's The Playground, Bobby?" / "Take Me Home" / "Games People Play"     / "Singing My Song" / "I'm Alright" / "Full House" / "Rocky Top" / "If Silence Is Golden" / "Mr. Walker, It's All Over" / "Jim Dandy" / "That's A No-No" / "I Used To Know All Those Things"

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