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I'm Alright


Chart Records LP 1037 | Released June 1971 | Peak Chart Position: 40*

Down In The Boondocks
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Released by Chart Records less than a month following her Columbia Records debut, 'I’m Alright 'was recorded and produced by Slim Williamson, and marks another major career milestone for Lynn Anderson; after eight LP’s and scores of singles, she’d recorded her last LP for the label that introduced her to the world.

Featuring the title track (and liner notes) written by Bill Anderson, ‘I’m Alright’ includes a song selection that echoes the future for Lynn Anderson; a mixed bag of tracks that showcase her growing appreciation for music and writers thinking outside the traditional country box. With a nod to ‘Rose Garden’ and its massive crossover appeal, co-producers Slim Williamson and Glenn Sutton’s edgy arrangement on Joe South’s ‘Down In The Boondocks’ provide the perfect layering under a vocal from Lynn that underscores her ability to weave a classic story song lyric together with a vocal that perfectly blends her tenderness, strength, and insight as a singer.

Balanced by eight additional tracks from writers and songs as diverse as Felice and Boudeloux Bryant’s ‘Rocky Top’, Mom Liz Anderson’s ‘If The Creeks Don’t Rise’ and ‘Love Me, Love Me’ from Billy Sherrill and husband, writer and producer Glenn Sutton, ‘I’m Alright’ may have marked the final act for Lynn on Chart Records, but nobody—especially this multitalented, superstar-in-the-making--was looking back.

A classic.

J Buck Ford



"I'm Alright" / "Love Me, Love Me" / "Try A Little Kindness"
"My Friend" / "Haunted House" / "Rocky Top" / 
"Seven Lonely Days" / "Down In The Boondocks" / "The Pillow That Whispers"
"If The Creeks Don't Rise"

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