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Wrap Your Love All Around Your Man


Columbia Records CBS 81817 | Released March 1977 | Peak Chart Position: 28

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Released nearly one year to the day after ‘All The King’s Horses’, this fifteenth album from the Lynn Anderson Columbia catalog feels in many ways like Part Two of that LP; a continuation of its tone and feel, while leaning heavily toward the pop and easy listening tabs on the jukebox.


Once again helmed by husband and producer, Glenn Sutton, the album is noteworthy if for no other reasons than it is only the second LP in her long string that doesn’t include at least one song from her veteran songwriter mother, Liz Anderson, and, only features one new track written by Sutton, “I Couldn’t Be Lonely (Even If I wanted To)”; an upbeat, pop-flavored B-side to the LP’s first single.


Relying heavily on writer Johnny Cunningham, this March, 1977 release includes four new songs from his pen, two of which became both of the album’s singles; the title track, "Wrap Your Love All Around Your Man"; a quick-clipped number with lyrics that tend to the overused, saved by Sutton’s big, brass, and orchestrated production. And “Sweet Talkin’ Man”, a tune taken straight out of the Bobbi Gentry-Fancy story-song handbook. While the latter only reached number 40 on the Billboard charts, the title track broke to #12, her real first chart hit in two years.


Bouyed by Lynn’s unerring talent for picking covers, her takes on the four she’s chosen for this collection keep the album above water, placing the spotlight squarely on her gift for interpreting a lyric. A gift that shines brightest on "I'll Be Loving You”, a little-known Bobby Vinton track from seventy-four…and Dave Loggins’ "You've Got Me to Hold on To", taking Tanya Tucker’s  acoustic country version to an entirely new level through the genius of Glenn Sutton’s brilliant arrangement.


‘Wrap Your Love All Around Your Man’; a ten-song set marking Lynn’s tenth year as a major force in country music.

J Buck Ford



"Wrap Your Love All Around Your Man" / "Feelings" / "Let Your Love Flow" / "Little Bit More" / "Big News in Tennamock Georgia" / "This Country Girl is Woman Wise" / "You've Got Me to Hold on To" / "I'll Be Loving You" / "I Couldn't Be Lonely Even If I Wanted To" / "Sweet Talkin' Man"

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