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Ride, Ride, Ride


Chart Records LP 1000 | Released March 3, 1967 | Peak Chart Position: 25

Ride Ride Ride
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Released March of sixty-seven, the legend behind this classic LP reads like a Twang Town Cinderella story.


Produced for Chart Records by one of Nashville’s edgiest label entrepreneurs of the 60’s, Slim Williamson was sitting in the Best Western Hall of Fame Inn one night in the spring of sixty-six, sharing stories and songs and a bottle or two with singers Merle Haggard and Freddie Hart when up-and-coming songwriter Liz Anderson asked her daughter, Lynn, to sing a few bars of a new song Liz had been working on. Williamson remembered later that the instant Lynn began the song, “…her voice just hit me like a hammer. I offered to sign her to the label that night.”


The result was Ride, Ride, Ride – Lynn’s first studio LP and the project that would earn Chart Records, Lynn and Liz their first Top Ten single; ‘If I Kiss You (Will You Go Away)’


If you’re a Lynn Anderson fan, you’re a Lynn Anderson collector…and this classic LP is nothing less than the Holy Grail. Twelve tracks featuring eight written by Liz Anderson, including the title song, complete with horse hooves clopping away in special effects time, and a young Lynn Anderson, coming out of the chute with a voice that would take Nashville and the country by storm.


A rare classic by a singer who would become one of Countrypolitan’s classiest artists.

J Buck Ford


"Ride, Ride, Ride" / "Then Go" / "Beggars Can’t Be Choosers" / "In Person" / "It’s Only Lonely Me" / "If This Is Love" / "If I Kiss You (Will You Go Away)" / "Too Much of You" / "There Oughta Be a Law" / "It Makes You Happy" / "Tear by Tear" / "My Heart Keeps Walkin’ the Floor"


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