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Intersound Records 12 255 | Released March 1998 | Peak Chart Position: n/a

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Time Alone
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Released on the Intersound label in March of ninety-eight, this 30th issue from Lynn is summed up perfectly in the album’s title; a mixed bag of eight Lynn Anderson classics beautifully re-recorded by producer Michael Clarke, and three brand new tracks, including two from the pen of her new life partner, songwriter Mentor Williams.


While time has taken some of the edge off this legendary voice, it has not taken away any of its ability to cut to the heart of a song, or to pierce the heart of the listener. On the contrary; her voice has grown stronger, more expressive as it’s mellowed, and the effect is revelatory; particularly on Clarke’s new productions of some of Lynn’s biggest hits, all of which had been originally produced by her first husband and partner, Nashville’s legendary producer and writer, Glenn Sutton. To Clarke’s credit, he’s kept the original sense of magic in each of these tracks; an homage to Sutton’s Countrypolitan sound and the impact it had on Lynn Anderson’s career—and life.


Here is Sutton’s and George Richey’s heartbreaking ballad, “Keep Me In Mind”, the title track from Lynn’s 1973 LP, given new life with a production that fits her like a glove. Built like a show tune from Broadway, her new take on Johnny Ray’s timeless hit, “Cry”, virtually reignites her original cover from seventy-two, with a vocal performance that stands as one of this LP’s best. And it would’ve been all but impossible—inconceivable—to have envisioned this set without including the song that catapulted Lynn Anderson from the ranks of country music’s best known singers to the rarified air of an international superstar. With an arrangement that’s uncannily echoic, while at the same time countrypolitanly fresh, Lynn’s performance here of her signature smash, “(I Never Promised You a) Rose Garden” is nothing if not conclusive evidence of not only the lasting power of the song, but the timelessness of the voice that sang it.


This is Lynn Anderson…at her latest, and her greatest.

J Buck Ford


"Top Of The World" / "How Can I Unlove You" / "Rose Garden" / "You're My Man" / "Cry" / "Big Girls Don't Cry" / "Keep Me In Mind"

"Rocky Top" / "Time Alone" / "Give It Up" / "What Fools Say"

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