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I've Never Loved Anyone More


Columbia Records KC 33691 | Released August 1975 | Peak Chart Position: 20

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Growing Up All Over Again
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Annie Lennox said that ‘songwriting opens the heart and soul…and singing reveals them.’


In the songs banding the grooves of this August, 1975 release, both Lynn and husband & producer, Glenn Sutton reveal much about their own hearts and souls; and, in turn, they are both revealed to be more than just songwriter and singer. Indeed, these tracks reveal the hearts and souls of two people who were true romantics, sensing, perhaps, that the brilliant romance that once lit their lives so brightly was beginning to fade; its light dimming inexorably, the songs like listening to the soundtrack of two hearts breaking.


It was hard to imagine hearing “Faithless Love” from anyone other than its writer, J.D. Souther, or Linda Ronstadt. But by the second play of this third cut, it was hard to imagine that it was written for anyone other than Lynn Anderson. In a performance that’s both understated and deeply emotional, she brings an elegance, a resignation and a strength to this classic that makes it nothing less than her own. In Jessi Colter’s seminal, “I’m Not Lisa”, David Briggs’ piano rolls like groundswells on a sea of heartbreak under an almost whispered vocal that rises and falls as if weightless. A simple prayer from a woman who must compete with a memory.


But in perhaps the album’s most revealing moments, Glenn Sutton’s ballad, “He Worshipped Me” becomes far more than a woman’s rueful acknowledgement of what she lost; it may have been the only way Sutton could be certain of ever hearing again the love of his life acknowledge how he truly felt. And finally, hopeful through even the hardest of times, as they both had been raised to be, “We Got It All Together Now", is less a celebration than a prayer; a prayer that their, “..ship has past the stormy weather now. That everyday love just gets better now…’Cause we've got it all together now.”


‘I’ve Never Loved Anyone More’. The twentieth album in the Lynn Anderson legacy.

J Buck Ford



"I've Never Loved Anyone More" / "I'm Growing Up All Over Again"

"Faithless Love" / "Best Kept Secret in Santa Fe" / "He Worshiped Me"

"He Turns It Into Love Again" / "I'm Not Lisa" / "Love Has No Pride"

"We Got It All Together Now" / "Life's No Bed of Roses" / "Good Ole Country Song"

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