Lynn loved going to Hawai'i! She performed there over the years and spent one of her honeymoons there. It's where she became a fan of Margaret Keane and Macadamia Nuts.

This denim jacket is embroidered with the logo of the Waiki'i Polo Ranch. People don't realize that there are some massive horse farm on the Hawaiian Islands, Parker Ranch might be the moost famous. Mom had several friends there she rode with and often visited the Kona Coffee plantations.


This is Lynn's personal denim jacket and I feel certain I will find a picture of her in it often as I remember it so well from the 80s or 90s. It's very oversized. It's marked S/P but that must be a man's size as it swallows me and Mom. 


Shoulder to Shoulder 22" inches

Shoulder to Cuff 21"

Nape of Neck to Back Hemline 26"

Waiki'i Ranch Denim Jacket


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