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A classic conversation starter for your office, kitchen, bedroom or patio, this vintage VinylLux speaker features a full-sized replica of Lynn's greatest LP, Rose Garden.


Designer Jeff Davis puts a new spin on old LPs, letting reclaimed vinyl play music in an innovative way: as the speaker itself. You can't drop the needle on these records, but they'll play your entire digital music collection in analog-inspired style—a cool way to give your smartphone an audiophile upgrade. There's also a nod to the nostalgic sweep of horn loudspeakers and gramophones, making it a true celebration of recorded music's long history, from steel needle Victrolas to the frontiers of streaming audio. Connect any device via Bluetooth® or the back panel auxiliary jack and enjoy the coolest music of all—yours.


Mounted on a beautiful wood base.


Only 1 in remaining! Only $185.00 including shipping!

Vintage Rose Garden Vinylux Bluetooth Speaker

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