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Conceived by producer and arranger Bill VornDick in the wake of the Hayseed Dixie phenomenon, ‘The Bluegrass Sessions’ comes as close to a concept album as Lynn Anderson ever recorded. Thirteen of her biggest hits completely reimagined as ‘grass. But the concept was not limited to the music. Every aspect of this 32nd LP reveals a different Lynn Anderson; stripped down and natural, from the cover shot to the raw and acoustic timbre of her voice…listening to this LP feels like peeling away the layered veneer of the music that made her a star, and the excess that came with it, and cutting down to the quick of her talent, and to her heart as a singer.

The Bluegrass Sessions CD

  • "What a Man My Man Is"

    "Rocky Top"

    "How Can I Unlove You"

    "Rose Garden"


    "That's a No No"

    "Under the Boardwalk"

    "Ride, Ride, Ride"

    "If I Kiss You (Will You Go Away?)"

    "Top of the World"

    "Big Girls Don't Cry"

    "The Worst Is Yet to Come"


  • Add this classic LP to your digital audio files today! Click the link below to jump to the CloseUp page, scroll down and look on the left for the iTunes streaming icon. Pick and click -- it's that simple!

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