This jacket is personalized to Lynn from Bobcat Pass Adventures which was she and Mentor's favorite to go snowmobiling or guiding. It's in the pass between Angel Fire and Red River and is a very sacred place in New Mexico. There's some pretty rough winter's up there so you can bet Lynn was bundled up in long underwear, socks, pants, bibs, a sweater AND this over coat to go treking across the mountainside. We stopped in this place one time after Mom's passing they had fond memories of her for sure. Bringing salsa and camp food for some of their runs ...  Good memories from the mountains in New Mexico!


Shoulder to Shoulder 22"

Shoulder to Cuff 21.5" inches

Nape to Hemline 24" + gathered elastic of 2" inches


Quilted Canvas Heavy Weather Overcoat of Lynn Anderson's


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