I could say so many things about this excellent Manuel dress. It's certainly a collectible as it has Mom's belt buckle sweated into the fabric.. I think that's mildly awesome (I believe in "workin" clothes.. clothes that show mileage and years on the road are so much more fun!)


This is a CUSTOM MADE Manuel .. it is not from the line or Collection. It was suppossed to be tagged to Lynn Anderson, but I placed the order and MY name ended up embroidered on the tag :) Wish I could wear it!! Mom loved it and you can tell she wore it for a whole summer doing rodeos and celebrity events. She always wore a belt around the waist and herr cowboy boots and a jacket. The skirt bottom flounces!! 



Underarm to Hemline 27" inches

Bust 32" plus a darted breast

Waist 32"

Pink Manuel Dress


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