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Lynn's greatest live recording. Seventeen performances that rank among the most brilliant of her legendary career.


Two-disc set with bonus DVD and full-color tri-fold insert!


Shipping is always included at the Rose Garden Mercantile!

Live At Billy Bob's Texas CD


    1. "Listen to a Country Song"
    2. "Someday Soon"
    3. "Even Cowgirls Get the Blues"
    4. "Smile for Me"
    5. "Top of the World"
    6. "Isn't It Always Love"
    7. "Cry"
    8. "(I Never Promised You A) Rose Garden"
    9. "What a Man My Man Is"
    10. "I Never Loved Anyone More"
    11. "How Can I Unlove You"
    12. "Under the Boardwalk"
    13. "Faithless Love"
    14. "You're My Man"
    15. "Rocky Top"
    16. "I've Been Everywhere"
    17. "What Fools Say"


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