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From the mind, pen and heart of one of Nashville's most brilliant and talented writers  comes a rare collection of Bluegrass originals. Eleven stand-out tracks backed by Music Row's A-Team players.


This is a must have ::: only twenty in stock!

Glenn Sutton - Bluegrass Originals CD

    1. "Truck Drivin' Christian"
    2. "I Loved You Then"
    3. "Call On Him"
    4. "You Just Flat Out Lied"
    5. "Goin' Up In Smoke"
    6. "A Home For The Soul"
    7. "As Long As The Worls Stands"
    8. "God's Got Time To Listen"
    9. "A Man That Can't Stand Pain"
    10. "The Army of The Lord"
    11. "I've Got To Learn To Live Without You"
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