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Ed Morgan was one of Lynn's favorite local artisans in New Mexico. Every once in awhile Ed would make Lynn and few special cards for personal use. His work is exquisite. The gallery in Taos is a must see. Ed Morgan was the head engraver for Hallmark Greeting Cards and he hand carves, in reverse, into metal, his images. He keeps a huge press in his studio where he applies thousands of pounds of pressure to paper to create embossed creations. He retired from Hallmark and retired to Taos to follow his passion for the American Indian so much of his work is Native American and this is a rare "fairy" piece ...


It's personally signed by Ed Morgan 1996


There is a red stain on the right side of this piece and I'm not one to mess with washing. I have one of these framed so I'd frame it, stain and all, as it's an original and signed. Or it's going to make a beautiful card for a loved one.

Ed Morgan signed Fairy Art Card 5x6