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Cowboy's Sweetheart was a LaserLight package containing horse and western themed songs. Not the old songs though .. it includes "Run For The Roses" and "Desperado" and Lynn simply slays them. This album cover is one of our favorites and she's posing with "Black" as we called him. He was Bett High's son and lived with Lynn in Nashville and retired with her out in New Mexico. The jacket is a Manuel and will be privately held in the Estate's Collection for exhibit. We thought it was fortunate to find a small box of cassettes, baseball cards and 8x10s that Lynn had in her office for touring!! They had obviously been tucked away and forgotten since the 90s behind other boxes of other merch. So we have a few sets of these to share for those who are interested in having unique Lynn Anderson items. 


Did you know Lynn won a Western Heritage Award for her music? Included in this special set is their Gold seal of approval. Lynn Anderson was a cowgirl through and through. We hope you enjoy this record. You can visit the Discography page for more information:

Cowboy's Sweetheart Collector's Set: CD CS 8x10 Card + Gold Sticker

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