Lynn Anderson makes it to the DSPs

Wrangling Mom's music, Dad's music, Grammy's music ....

has become a passion. And a full time job. I'm a little overwhelmed and out of my league but my family's music career is a true legacy and one I don't want to screw up by letting it be forgotten 🌹 So I've been plowing into unchartered territories which leads to today's post.

Did you know my mother had over 50 full length studio records released? That's ALOT for a country girl in the 70s! She had 18 full length LP records released by Chart and Columbia from 1967 - 1970 BEFORE "Rose Garden" came along and made her mega-famous! She worked for that song! She earned having that song become a smash in the ground work she had laid alone, not to mention the talent exhibited.

What's crazy: I haven't heard any of these old records?! I was listening to Madonna and the Gap Band. The LAST person on the planet I wanted to hear was Mom 🤣

It's a regret now but fortunately something I can fix. It's even more regretful I didn't hear more of Dad's songwriting as I was a bonafide Daddy's girl and have so many questions now! What a classic country song stylist and lyricist he was and I was over here hanging up posters of Prince and Duran Duran and missing it all. Teenagers can be so dumb.

Anyway, the reason for this post is to let you know after spending a lot of time ... we are turning the slow wheel of releasing Lynn Anderson albums to all the Digital Service Providers (DSPs)..

Know what's the coolest part ????????

SONY remastered everything! And SEVENTEEN of them are written by Dad and will now have a presence out there for the future. I hear the digital streaming stuff doesn't pay. I don't care. I just want the songs up there so they can be found! Until now only 4 of Mom's 22 Sony albums were available on the DSPs.

As of today, here's 4 more!!!

Wish me luck ... we've still got a ways to go ...

but if you're so inclined, please go stream, download, do what you do .... There's classics and pop songs in these, in case you're not into country music. Mom could sing anything!

As an incredible coincidence, all of these albums are produced by Dad. I didn't ask for this happy accident. But I'd like to think Dad's albums shine and rose to the top naturally when Sony started considering selections. Fun to think of Mom and Dad working in the studio together creating little slices of sounds from the 70s that are standing the test of time .............

I'm such a lucky girl. Thank you for letting me share.

🌹❤️🥰🌹❤️ Happy 50th Year of "Rose Garden" Mom!

There was a lot more to her than just that one song Lynn Anderson Front Porch Chat Lynn Anderson Lynn Anderson #cowgirl #roses The Lynn Anderson Rose

If you hear something you like, let me know!! While the planet is on hold I'll be over here listening to music and fussing with the roses ❤️

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